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30 Apr

#LuvNote: Feeling (Financially) Empowered!

April is always an exciting month! Earlier this month, we reported that through the pandemic, we have had the opportunity to provide our customers with hundreds of millions of dollars of government payments, including stimulus payments and tax refunds, more quickly than traditional banks. We know how crucial funds are during these difficult times and it has been exciting for the entire BM Technologies (BMTX) team to see how many of our customers consider their accounts as their primary account. Reaching these milestones and finding new ways to support our customers is what keeps us going.

It’s Financial Literacy Month!

Our vision for BM Technologies (BMTX), formerly known as BankMobile, is to prioritize financially empowering our customers and use technology to provide them with the best digital banking experience. Since founding BM Technologies (BMTX), our focus has been on financial empowerment and we are commemorating Financial Literacy Month by reflecting on the services we provide to help our customers.

  • Passport: We serve our students through BankMobile Vibe and Passport is the account’s recognition program where users earn stamps for smart money management, academic achievement and good financial behavior. Every stamp earned also gives them an entry into the Student Success Sweepstakes for a chance to win prize money put toward paying off their student loan debt. Approximately 1,420,000 customers are currently enrolled or participating in Passport. Since the launch of the Passport program and sweepstakes, BM Technologies (BMTX) has awarded customers a total of over $200,000.

  • Scholarship: We also have an Annual Financial Empowerment Scholarship, which was started in 2015 and rewards students who understand the important role that financial empowerment plays in life. The deadline for video applications is July 16, 2021, so please don’t hesitate to share the details with a student in your network who can benefit from the opportunity.

  • Financial Wellness Solution: We have a partnership with Prudential Financial, Inc. to provide a full-service financial wellness solution to our Workplace Banking and BankMobile Vibe checking account customers. The solution provides customers with a financial wellness assessment to explore how they are spending, planning and protecting their money and assets. The platform also gives tips on how to gain peace-of-mind with saving and spending.

  • Blog and Social Media: We have a Financial Wellness Blog, which is a one-stop-shop for financial inspiration and motivation featuring articles and advice. We also offer financial tips and tricks on our social media platforms—follow/like us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok!

In honor of Financial Literacy Month and to continue focusing on our goal to empower our customers financially, BM Technologies (BMTX) is challenging not just our customers but everyone to take a pledge to thrive towards financial freedom. We are excited to engage with our customers and others and watch them take the pledge. Reaching your financial goals is very rewarding, so I hope you consider taking the pledge with me.

To take the pledge head over to BMTX Instagram and check out the “Story Templates”:

Lastly, the team and I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can further help our customers even more regarding financial literacy. DM us on IG – I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

With Love,

P.S. Because of my wonderful connections on LinkedIn, I was able to come across Business Insider’s “22 free or affordable online finance course from top schools like Yale and UPenn’s Wharton School” and wanted to share with you all!

Luvleen Sidhu