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LuvNote #010 – Namaste Your Money
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LuvNote #008 – Run Your Home, Like a Startup
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26 Dec

CEOWorld Feature

We live in a world of industry disruption: from Amazon forcing brick-and-mortar stores to close their doors, to the likes of Netflix and Hulu disrupting traditional television distribution, to ride-hailing apps grabbing 75% of the ground transportation market share, to digital media platforms rendering newspapers extinct....
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16 Nov

#BankOnIt Podcast Feature

Every week the show host John Siracusa talks with amazing fintech leaders and entrepreneurs, through conversation uncovers the amazing stories behind them, their creations and the most important topics in fintech. In this episode the host John Siracusa chats with Luvleen Sidhu,  Co-Founder and President of BankMobile.  She started her banking career at Lehman Brothers and on her first day after 6 weeks of training was the beginning of it’s collapse.  Now she’s a co-founder at BankMobile, a company that provides a mobile first banking experience which has 1.6 million accounts and is the offspring of Customers Bank in Pennsylvania. About the host: John is the host of the 2x weekly "Bank On It” podcast recorded onsite at the Carpenter Group offices, which...
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7 Nov

Luvleen Sidhu on Changing the World of Banking

From Vision to Execution: Luvleen Sidhu on Changing the World of Banking In 2007, she saw millions of Americans lose everything because of the faulty American Financial System. Immediately, she knew she needed to do something. Join Luvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer - BankMobile, USA​ in the 4th ASEAN Exec-IT event to gain more insights on the Disruption for Digital Differentiation. In an era where consumer demands are rising and technologies are rapidly disrupting, the secret to survive is hardwork – to some people, at least. For Luvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer at BankMobile, surviving is not enough, and hardwork is a mere understatement. Her secret to success is her “obsession towards solving customer pain points.” Having...
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14 Oct

Authority Magazine feature

“Values Are Immutable; However, Culture Can Adapt” An Interview With Co-Founder of BankMobile, Luvleen Sidhu “Values are immutable; however, culture can adapt.” This was a really helpful piece of advice for me given that I’ve struggled with balancing BankMobile’s high growth with having a strong company culture. By understanding that core values are the most important foundation of an organization and recognizing that the culture can adapt over time helped me feel liberated. I now understand that our core values as a company which are based on respect, trust and constant innovation will keep us unified and focused on our objectives and with this solid foundation, the strength of our culture develops over time. I had the pleasure of interviewing Luvleen Sidhu, Co-Founder, President and Chief...
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2 Oct

LuvNote# 15 – Change Really Starts with YOU!

The world is about to change for the better and you can be a major part of it. I attended the annual Singularity University Global Summit last month, which is a conference that aims to bring together a world-class collection of leaders to better understand the future through exponential technologies, creating meaningful connections among colleagues, and empowering every individual to go out and build a better world. One of the main takeaways I got from the conference is that now is the best time to start a business. Not just any business but a business that will help shape our world for years to come. "Now is the best time to start a business. Not just any business but a business...
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25 Sep

33 Under 33 Awards Winner

Beyond honored to have been selected as the 2018 33 under 33 winner! Thank you, @StrtupBoost! http://www.33under33.com/past-winners   Luvleen Sidhu '18 Co-Founder, President & Chief Strategy Officer BankMobile I won because: Co-founded the largest and fastest growing digital bank, serving millennials and low- to middle-income Americans with an affordable and tech savvy banking experience Disrupted branch-based banking and, in the process, helped customers save over 100 million dollars in bank fees in the last two years Author of “Why Can’t Banks Be As Easy As Uber,” which became an international bestseller in less than 24 hours  ...
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7 Sep

WSJ feature

Lehman’s Last Hires Look Back Four people who started at Lehman Brothers the day it failed reflect on the lessons they’ve learned Corrie DriebuschSept. 7, 2018 8:00 a.m. ET By Corrie Driebusch September 15, 2008, was one of the darkest days in the history of Wall Street. For four new college graduates, it was also their first day of work at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Sohil Sheth, Luvleen Sidhu, Justin Gaines and Brian Grossman walked through the doors of Lehman just as the venerable investment bank filed for bankruptcy protection, an event that sent shockwaves around the globe. The aftershocks continue to define many aspects of American life a decade later. The crisis provided these unlucky millennials with a new perspective. Big institutions were no...
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28 Aug

Bloomberg Radio Feature

Bloomberg Markets: ’Vibe Up’ Saves Students Fees (Radio) Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Luvleen Sidhu, President and Chief Strategy Officer at BankMobile, discusses launching Vibe Up, a fee free, open market checking account for college students. This is a Bloomberg podcast. To listen on the Bloomberg terminal, click on the player thumbnail on the sidebar. To contact the producer: Paul Brennan +1-212-617-8292 or pbrennan25@bloomberg.net Running time 05:53 Play Episode...
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