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26 Feb

Bloomberg TV

Speaking with Bloomberg's Alix Steel and Guy Johnson about how the average American's personal balance sheet is improving on "Bloomberg Markets."(Source: Bloomberg) Watch the video here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2021-02-26/house-set-to-pass-stimulus-as-minimum-wage-hike-dealt-blow-video-klml4hnk ...
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2 Feb

Seeking Alpha

Arming The Titans: Why BM Technologies' BaaS B2B2C Strategy Will Revolutionize Banking • With a low 1.8x multiple on revenue and a 9x multiple on EBITDA, I expect the stock could easily double in 2021, reaching the FinTech sector norms.• Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) cooperative strategies work: Through their successful collaborative efforts with T-Mobile and BenefitHUB, BM Technologies has entered a joint effort with Google to expand its financial offerings.• BM Technologies has a rock-bottom average customer acquisition cost of $9.63. Industry norms range from $100 to $1,500.• With dominance in the higher education market, many students' first banking experience will be with BM Technologies, offering long-term growth and brand awareness.• Aggressive R&D and sharing technology position BM Technologies to rapidly expand its...
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9 Oct

Grazia India Feature

Meet The Millennial Empowering Women Through Her Success In Finance When it comes to financial matters, there’s a lot that millennials aren’t aware of – including the best investment schemes, stock trading, banking and more. Millennials, especially women, are striving hard to gain financial independence and what better time than now to really get the ball rolling, right? If you’re among those looking to use this time to learn everything you can about finance, look no further. Let Luvleen Sidhu, CEO of BankMobile, show you how to make the most of your money. In 2014, Sidhu started her own company and turned it into one of the fastest-growing digital-first banks serving millennials. While climbing the ladder to success, she has remained focused...
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23 Mar

Crains 40 Under 40

Luvleen Sidhu, 34 Co-founder and CEO, BankMobile In the crowded field of financial startups, Luvleen Sidhu has stood out far from the pack since she launched BankMobile, a financial institution used by 1.1 million college students in the U.S. Last year her five-year-old startup become the backbone for T-Mobile’s banking app. BankMobile generated $85 million in revenue in 2019 and became profitable in the second half of the year. It holds $540 million in deposits. Few Silicon Valley–backed banking startups have broken through like this.  Sidhu doesn’t come from Silicon Valley, but from Reading, Pa. That’s where her father ran the local bank and, eventually, many others. Her parents wanted her to become a doctor; they were disappointed when she chose finance.  Lehman Brothers went bankrupt the...
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20 Mar

Crain’s Rising Stars in Banking & Finance

Luvleen Sidhu Co-founder and chief executive officer, BankMobile Luvleen Sidhu co-founded BankMobile with a fully digital customer experience and multiple-partner “bank-as-a-service” distribution model. It has since become one of America’s largest and fastest-growing mobile-first banks. BankMobile’s disruptive business model earned recognition from LendIt Fintech, which named BankMobile the Most Innovative Bank in 2019. Sidhu was named Fintech Woman of the Year in 2019. She made her case for changing the way banks do business in a book she co-authored, Why Can’t Banks Be as Easy as Uber? The book landed her among Amazon’s top 100 authors in business and money within 24 hours of its publication. Through the BankMobile Foundation, Sidhu funds budding entrepreneurs and organizations promoting financial literacy. ...
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19 Mar

American Banker Feature

Where Luvleen Sidhu is taking BankMobile now that she’s in charge Luvleen Sidhu, recently named CEO of BankMobile, one of the country’s first digital banks, says she is expanding it from a service for college students to a mobile bank that serves multiple segments. Along the way, she plans to pursue more banking-as-a-service partnerships as part of a cost-conscious growth strategy. BankMobile, the digital-only division of Customers Bank in Wyomissing, Pa., serves students at nearly 800 college campuses in the United States. It offers a digital checking account as a convenient place to store refunds of unused financial aid and other deposits. But other consumers are using products created by the digital bank, founded in 2014, without even realizing it. BankMobile is the white-label...
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